Fuel adjustment factor from 1. October 2022

Like many other ferry companies we unfortunately have to introduce a monetary fuel adjustment factor to our prices. 

In spite of hedging the pricing on the majority of our fuel comsumption it has still proved inadequate with the current development on the energy market. 

For all reservations with a travel date on or after 1. October 2022 a fuel adjustment factor will be added.  

The fuel adjustment factors for each single journey with Ærøfærgerne are *:

Person (all categories):                                                          10 DKK

Passenger vehicles (all types):                                              20 DKK 

Trailers, caravans etc.:                                                           20 DKK

Trucks inkl: driver                                                                 100 DKK

* Exempt: Bicykle/scooter/moped/motorbike/bus/Children 0-3 years of age