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Transportation Conditions

In general

The present generel transportation conditions apply to any transportation agreement entered with the shipping line, no matter if the agreemant is documented in writing or not.

Transportation of passengers and luggage, including motor vehicles, take place in accordance with these conditions and the liability and damages regulations of the Danish Merchant Shipping Act and EU-Regulation nr. 1177/2010.

Instructions from the captain and his crew must be obeyed by all passengers.

Persons can be denied admittance to the ship if they are obviously under the influence of liquor, to the annoyance of other passengers or are deemed to be a security risk.

Persons causing damage to the property of the shipping line or other people´s belongings are liable for damages.

Smoking and use of open flame indoors and on car deck is prohibited. It is forbidden to stay on the car deck during the crossing.

Passengers are not allowed to offer goods for sale, distribute printed matters, organize fundraising campaigns or the like without the consent of the shipping line, neither on board the ferries nor on the premises of the shipping company.

Tickets and Reservations

A valid ticket must be presented upon request.

Fares, prices and refund conditions, and if neccessary also conditions for the individual ferry services, are regularly determined by the shipping company.

Motor vehicles with reservation must show upin the approach area of ferry port well in advance of the planned departure, i. e. not later than the number of minutes specified in the time table.

Otherwise the reservation will be annulled an d the vehicle will be directed to the next available departure.

Ambulances, police vehicles and hearses are given number one priority at any time.

Limitation of Liability

The shipping line disclaims responsibility to the greatest possible extent pursuant to existing regulations of the Danish Merchant Shipping Act and EU-Regulation nr. 1177/2010.

The shipping line cannot be made responsible for any loss, directly or indirectly, including loss of income, in excess of what is prescribed by absolute regulations of the Danish Merchant Shipping Act or other existing laws.

The shipping line is not liable for any damage to persons, motor vehicles, luggage or other loss inflicted in the period of timefrom before passengers/vehicles go on board the ship and until after they have gone ashore, even though the damage or loss is a result of mistakes or failures made by the shipping line or a person performing work in the service of the shipping line.

Departure and crossing times advertised by the shipping line - regardless of methods or media - are estimates and cannot be guaranteed by the shipping line in any way.

Thus delays or cancellations of departures on behalf of the shipping line will not give rise to right to damages.

The shipping line is not liable for loss or damage caused by irregularities in the ferry service, including force majeure, water and weather conditions.

The shipping line is never liable for any loss caused by missed connecting transportation or neccesary changes of itineraries, including extra hotel stays and the like, selected by passengers because of the delays or cancellations.

Please refer to the EU-Regulation nr. 1177/2010.

The shipping line does not accept any responsibility for luggage and other belongings, which go missing on its ships or its terminals.

Stowing and Securing

Embarkation, driving on board, and disembarkation take place in co-operation with the crew demanding the driver´s fullattention.

The shipping line is not liable for damage or loss caused by a driver who missed sign, misunderstoodinstructions of the crew or the like.

Damage to vehicles that are lowered, rebuilt or heavily loaded is not the responsibility of the shipping line.

The shipping line will not cempensate special equipment, including luggage, which is placed outside or on top of a vehicle and which is damaged while the vehicle is in motion.

The shipping line is notliable for damage caused by cars that crash, jostle each other, are overturned or the like.

Such matters must be settled by the owners of the vehicles and their respecttive insurance companies.

Transportation og dangerous goods must always be notifiedin advance and the neccessary documents must be avaible prior to the crossing.

Labeling and packaging must comply with applicable rules.

The shipping line reserves the right to control that cargo corresponds to the declaration and has the right to reject or postpone transportation of dangerous goods.

Two-wheeled Vehicles

The responsibility of securing two-wheeled vehicles lies solely with the passengers, no matter if the crew has provided securing equipment or not.

Passengers must always make sure their vehicles are adeguately secured and stable enought to withstand common expected seaway during the crossing.

The shipping line does not take responsibility for the securing of vehicles, even if the passenger has been assisted by the crew.

Damage to a two-wheeled vehicle that falls over during the crossing or the call into port will only be compensated if the damage has occurred as a result of errors or neglect from the shipping line´s part.

Goods Transportation

It is the owner´s own risk if he leaves goods and/or motor vehicles in the terminal area before or after crossings.

The goods will be shipped as soon as the shipping line has avaiable space and time.

Damage to goods carried/driven to or from the ship by the ship´s crew is cinsidered damage occurred while the passenger himself drove his car/transported his goods on board. 


Personal injury, damage to motor vehicles, luggage etc., and complaints must be filed with a ship´s officer before leaving the ship.

A claim report must be filed in duplicate. All claims against the shipping line must be made in writing.

Cafeteria and Kiosk

It is prohibited by law to serve alcohol for people who are intoxicated and persons under the age of 18.


Dogs have to be kept on a short leash, other animals must be placed in a cage.

Animals must not be a danger or an annoyance to other passengers.

It is allowed to let dogs and other pets stay in the car during the crossing, but passengers should be aware that there is no admittance to the car deck during the crossing.

However, the crew can give permission to attend to animals upon request.

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